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Our Approach

Serving your best interests and protecting your life wishes.

Wondering if you’ll have enough money to retire? Questioning how long your retirement income will last? Concerned about the effect income and estate taxes will have on your savings? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

For most people, retirement planning focuses on accumulating assets. While accumulating assets during your working years is important, creating income in retirement requires a different approach. During retirement, the goal is to make the best use of your financial resources to create a consistent, reliable income stream that will withstand any changes to the market, the economy and your health. 

The Problem:

Relying on the Investment Market

The key to retiring with confidence: having a financial plan that meets your retirement income needs and addresses the risks that could derail your financial security in the future. Investment returns are important, but beating a benchmark does not guarantee your bills will be paid or that your financial security will remain intact in the event of a market downturn or unexpected healthcare expenses. 

The Solution:

 A Bottom-Up Approach to Retirement Income Planning™

Step 1:

Determine your income needs and sources of reliable retirement income

Step 2:

Calculate the additional income needed to fulfill your income needs in retirement. 

Step 3:

Create a long-term strategy to produce consistent, rising income to meet your additional income needs.

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